“We have been in TRVA since we first got into the RV business. It has been a wealth of knowledge and helps to keep us on the right track.  Not only knowing the everchanging laws and “rules of the game”, but also keeping us informed on the latest goings-on in the industry. This is a great trade association with good vision and better people keeping it going.”

-Chris Hoover, Ron Hoover RV


‚Äč"TRVA has been an invaluable experience. Contrary to popular belief, dealer associations are not just for dealers. I have learned a great deal about my prospects, customers, regulations, and the RV industry."  

-Bill Koster, Protective Insurance


"Being a member of TRVA is like having another employee without all of the payroll involved.  TRVA is a valuable tool for compliance and support when you find yourself in a sticky situation and aren't aware that your business is not in compliance.  I often have questions and know that I can't be the first one or only one to run across a situation. Instead of researching it myself, or having an employee spend valuable time researching it, I can find the answer in one phone call to Austin.  When we share our experiences, good and bad, it benefits the industry. 
We didn't attend the convention for years because I just didn't make it a priority.  We learn so much there, but we also meet other dealers in other parts of Texas that we can bounce ideas off of all year long.  I now look forward to the convention every year."

-Stacy Rist, Bennett's Camping Center


"Here is a list of benefits that we have received from the TRVA in no particular order. 

1. Education on website compliance. (The way that we originally structured our website did not meet the state legal requirements.)

2. Guidance and clarification on compliance in every department in our business. 

3. Updates on regulations that may affect our business. 

4. Voice for our business within the state government. 

5. TRVA made sure that we were deemed an essential business during the pandemic shutdown. 

6. TRVA provided information and clarification on the PPP. With this information, we were able to substantially increase our loan amount. 

7. Networking. Since joining the TRVA, I have met several owners and managers from other dealerships that I can contact if I have questions. I have found that other dealers are very open and supportive of our business. 

8. Every few weeks we receive an email from the TRVA that gives us guidance and support for the different departments within the business. These emails generally provide education and clarification on regulations that we must follow. When I receive these emails I forward them to the department that deals with these regulations. This process ensures that our business and our people are staying in compliance with our state laws. This is very beneficial because it is very hard to remember to train on all of the intricacies of our business."

-Jason Calkins, Clear Creek RVs